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Radar Laser Detector Twitter GPS System


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I police cars are equiped with GPS just get the GPS signal and use it to pin point the police car. Even is the GPS signal is encypted its still a tell tail sign where they are then output that to a topo or google map, in some cases Scanners have a USB output and with some tweaking you can make a scanner do that work for you.. But because the police are public servants they shouldn't be able to mask GPS signals. (legal crap here) In anycase you can get thier GPS FQ easily.

Just an Idea

You don't know how GPS works do you?
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Check out Waze on Android. People who use it can post updates about locations for items such as speed traps and accidents. Waze is good as multiple people can confirm a submission, e.g. validation. It also has a gaming type of m.o. where you collect coins and achievements the more you use it, so that people are enticed to keep using it.

The twitter feed would only be helpful if people can contribute to it, but there is no validation system. What's to prevent some law enforcement troll from forking a bunch of instances of a script submitting bad GPS coordinates through tor to the feed and effectively obliterating the signal:noise ratio?

The idea is fine, just needs some controls. For now, Waze is the best way to go, of which I'm aware.

I use Waze and it rocks..... as long as you have a tech savy pop your G2G.


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