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Cant access my wifi pineapple, dhcp etc.

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I recently flashed my fonera 2100 widh openwrt and jasager, when I was fooling around in the openwrt gui i managed to change the network ip from static to dhcp, and if I remeber correctly with ip: and netmask

and now I cant access my fonera, I have tried to set up a dhcp server with no luck, never done it before so im a total noob in that area.

So, can anyone please explain "noob-friendly" What I need to do to get into the openwrt gui again.

Thanks //


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You can't setup DHCP and a static IP so I'm guessing you setup DHCP. If you don't know about setting up a DHCP server in linux then use windows, the tftp software Darren talks about in his install notes contains a DHCP server so use that to allow you back into the Fon then change from DHCP back to static IP.

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