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Power User to Administrator

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Hmm.. its not a virus its just the packer i used. What should I do then?

Maybe not use a packer and just compile natively? Or better yet, post the source code. Then people can really see what it does without worry.

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OK... Sorry about that guys heres the new version. Its packed using UPX now and it shows as clean on most. It shows as Trojan.Dropper.Gen on 2 of them because of the way the program works to exploit a flaw with utilman.exe to allow windows to run a new exe that adds the admin username.


Heres the new version ENJOY! :D


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Ok then. Basically the hack is that Power Users have write access to utilman.exe which is what is run when you press Windows Key + U. The thing is when you press this combination the file gets run with SYSTEM privileges. But there is a problem that when you replace utilman.exe with your own customised version it gets replaced by the windows system file protection but it takes about 2 seconds for this to happen giving the app plenty of time to automatically press the Windows Key + U combination running a fake utilman.exe program which adds a username and adds it to the Administrators group as it has been run with SYSTEM privileges.

Well there you have it! so ENJOY! :D


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