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Being Hacked. Damage Control.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Did anyone at least save a screen print for archival purposes. It should be placed in the wiki somewhere just for history purposes and a reminder how anyone can be hacked, regardless of your knowledge. Rcently Dan Kaminsky and Kevin Mitnicks pages were hacked as well, so it seems to be going around.

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well.. hate to say it but tbh, Kevin Mitnick's name alone is enough to get your page hacked. Too many dumb and uneducated hackers out there that think Kevin is the god of hacking... Maybe social but not technical hacking.

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Some script kiddie probably thought that if they would be able to hack Mitnick, they would be "1337", lol.

Thats the thing, they inteded the opposite, to show that Mitnick was not elite, but the person who ended up doing it, in the process, looks like the script kiddy they try to portay Kevin as.

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