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Wardriving Cops.


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technically the cops wouldn't have to actually get on your network to sniff it in order to find out if someone is illegally accessing your connection. But it still is wiretapping.

Also how do they know if you gave someone permission to access your network or not.

I don't know if there has been a court decision on this or not, but I can not reasonably believe that "wardriving"(i.e. detecting the SSID broadcast) would be prohibited by the wiretapping laws. To be prohibited there would have to be an assumption of privacy, but only a moron would believe their SSID, and everything that goes with it, to be private. On the other-hand, if you had turned off your SSID broadcast, then the police would not even be able to comment at all on the presence of your wireless network.

NOTE: I have done precisely zero research on this, and am writing purely from prior experience, and have had no law education.

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