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The server hosting Hak5.org and the Hak5 forums was hacked.


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It's amazing how some people post without reading previous posts. They get so Pisst that this could happen that they just have to post their two cents. (wait why am i writing this your not going to read it)

Come on I know this is a fairly diverse crowd but look for the authoritative posters that will be able to give the most accurate info. Especially on a matter pertaining to site/forum security. Do as the email encourages change your password and adjust passwords on other sites. This is the normal info you would be getting if your financial info was stolen or security breached. they are doing the responsible thing.

Matt, just wondering did you contact any law enforcement regarding the virtual break-in? or planning on doing so later with evidence?

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Well that explains why my Yahoo! account alerted me that my it was hacked (they said they knew because of "suspicious activity") and why my name on Yahoo! profiles was changed to "Anika Shaffer". Good thing I don't use that account often. Wonder what else was hit.

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Hi guys,

Just wanted to say thanks for the great job of getting this up and running again and the heads up to change passwords just in case.

Now that you are hardening this could you please add ssl to the login page (at least)? I hate when my credentials go in clear text over the internet.

It would also be brilliant to have ssl all over hak5.org but please at a minimum add it to the login page.


P.S. The point of this is that yes, we changed the passwords but they still travel in clear text over the internet ..

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Matt and all that assisted,

We are all human. Thanks for the hard work getting everything back online. Also, thanks for letting us know what happened, your remediation efforts, and recommendations. When everyone stops being pissy and sarcastic, maybe they will remember to check their systems, and when it DOES happen to them, maybe they will remember the way you guys handled this.

Keep up the great work!

And Matt,

Sorry for your loss... and for having to put up with shit like this not long after your return. You handled it well.


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I'm glad my passwords are all different and have a key space of 2^74.82 except a few like my bank and myspace. They have password length limits of 8 and 10 respectively. If I used myspace I might care, last logged in 11/8/2008 :). Ohh and a few web sites I use frequently but they're all at least 2^46, hmm maybe I should fix those.

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It's on reddit... the cat's out of the bag.

Yeah but still, less people know about it the better, their are also emails in that and some people might not know to change their passwords, then we get something like this... (Look below)

haha i hacked deags account what a loser.

bragging about his shit to the world. and i cun7f4c3 hacked him. hahaha. what a noob. the a-team sucks. hak5 sucks.

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