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IPCop Question


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Im attempting to build a router and I installed IPCop on this old computer i have but no matter what settings i use to install it, when it boots up it stops in teh middle, then it either automatically restarts or just stalls, usually it restarts after something fails, never get tiem to read it though, also once it said bug in kernel, another time it appears to boot up correctly and says "Code: <long string of numbers and letters>"

Anybody know whats going on? is it the comptuer im using possibly? its an old IBM Aptiva, 233MHz 64MB ram. Thanks!

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it sounds like a kernel panic, google the error code, you may get lucky. Make sure you meet the minimum specs first. Also read the hardware FAQ and have a look through some of their documentation. If all else fails, SmoothWall is also a good alternative and may not have the same issues. SmoothWall also has a larger community behind it so that may also be appealing.

Hardware FAQ:




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its an old IBM Aptiva, 233MHz 64MB ram.

That's easily minimum spec for IPCop, I used to run it on much less, what's more likely is you have a bit of hardware it doesn't like? I don't know much about kernel panics, but I do know IPCop is very cut down, it runs a cut down kernel and cut down software to keep it's size small.

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