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VLC Ondemand Streaming Server Via Web

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I have been developing a front end that uses PHP and JavaScript to far to parse a directory then setup a RTP Stream using Darwin Streaming Server and VLC to encode on the fly. So far I have the Web front end working in a very very early beta. I was just wondering if anyone was interested in helping me develop this?

I have searched the internet for a while and have not yet found any FOS program that allows you to do this. My goal in the end is to develop a program in-depth enough to be included with myth-tv or any other multimedia programs. In the end, i would like all code to be FOS of course with credit given to the original developers.

Anyone with any coding experience would be helpful! Might be a great way for some eager novice programmers to develop their skills.


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Yeah, I have something very similiar to that. I am using

$cmd = "/usr/bin/vlc --daemon -I http FILENAME --sout '#transcode{vcodec=h264,vb=512,acodec=mp3}:duplicate{dst=std{access=udp,mux=t


Think yours would work any better?

Also one problem I am currently having is that in PHP when I use shell_exec to start up a stream, I can't start a 2nd one until I either KILL the first one or wait for it to finish. Any suggestions on how I can fix that?

ArkNinja Proposed that start the stream on a 2nd php page. Haven't had time to test that yet though.

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