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So i had xp on a machine of mine, and decident to partition the drive. I added two others all of them = out to 50gb. I then proceeded to install windows 7 and ubuntu. After running ubuntu i got a few errors that applications will not run. The disk checks out fine on several deep hardware diags. The error i was getting is grub3 failed to load. I know this is an issue with the master boot record. I tried repairing the mbr with an xp recover disk, and windows 7 recovery disk in their command lines. And a few other nifty tricks up my sleeve. I think its getting confused because there was a smaller 4th partition that got corrupt. Any suggestions. Ive been working on macs over the last few years and not up to speed on xp and windows 7 as a current windows tech would be. Ive heard that partition magic on hirens cd may help. It would be nice to recovery so i dont have to go through all the installs again.

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Can you still get into XP? Install EasyBCD there -> Manage bootloader -> Re-install Vista bootloader -> Write MBR.

Still having trouble? Sometimes startup repair has to be used more than once to fix everything. You may also try the manual steps for rebuilding the bcd here.

I had a somewhat similar issue the other day with Win7. Under the Win 7 recovery tools, go into the command line and use diskpart to make sure the Win7 Partition is active. Then use bootsect and bootrec to fix the mbr and such(both can be found under the default directory when you launch Command Line. X:\something\ I believe. Also for bootsect Win 7 is nt60, this will make sense when you try to use the command).

Thank you will need to restart, go back into Win 7 recovery and run the Startup Repair, after this is done you should be able to boot into W7. Then using MSconfig you should be able to configure the W7 bootloader.

Try this if the above recommendations don't work.

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