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virtualization: directly control VMs within server

phil lanuza

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I've been doing virtualization for about 3 years now, mostly for maintaining lab computers for an account where we mostly deal with security / malware / etc. It has worked fine from me for that purpose.

However I also personally use the technology for testing several OSes / installing service packs or hotfixes before actually deploying them / running legacy apps or several copies of same apps at the same time.

I recently have seen some videos online of a tech demo of a bare metal hypervisor running a couple of OS on a laptop, and actually being able to switch between the two (sorry but i think its citrix xendesktop). I've been able to use several VMware applications and personally prefer if something like this is available from them but previous software I used (bare metal ones) only allowed you to remotely connect to the server and view a console window of the running guest. What I'd like to be able to do is boot up the hypervisor, configure guest OSes, boot up guest OSes, and be able to switch back and forth the guests.

Is there any way to do this (I prefer VMware) if so I'd love getting some assistance.

PS: I'm currently downloading xendesktop and i prolly wouldnt know what to do with it

Thanks in advance :D

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From what I can tell XenDesktop is a client application to Xen (which makes sense given the name). You'll probably need to setup a computer running Xen.

yeah, i checked and i would need to set up xen server first and have that deploy stuff to a desktop, etc

thanks anyway :D

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Windows 7 allows you to boot from virtual hard disks natively, while you can't switch between them you can run a VM directly on the hardware.

I thought you could only create and mount VHDs. I honestly couldnt see how I would boot up my VHD on Windows 7 (using it) without any other software installed.

Sorry, i dont think you know what i'm talking about. thanks anyway :P

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Reading again, the closest thing VMware do is VMware View.

As for windows 7 and booting VHD's, have a google. I've not used it myself yet but I've been looking into it for some of our sales staff to do demo's and not have everything running on there main installs.

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