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nVidia vs DirectX vs 3D Anything vs Me


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Question for you all... I updated my video driver last night. It had this nice effect of causing anything that wanted Direct3D to say that there were no Direct3D devices. I downloaded the DirectX web updater, and to my surprise, it actually installed some components.

This didn't help anything, so I reverted to the previous driver. DirectX now doesn't install any components, saying that they're all there. All applications, including screensavers, say that I still don't have a Direct3D device.

When I get home tonight I'll strip the machine of the video driver. What was the nVidia driver cleaner called again? I'm drawing a blank with it right now. Hopefully that's all that needs to be done. If not, I'll just deal with it until Vista comes out.

Thanks for your advice, everyone.

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Have you tried running dxdiag ? just type it in the run box to load it

Also full Directx 9c just incase your having problems with the web installer - DX9c also comes as a part of the SP2 pack

Other thing to try uninstall the driver reboot the PC and it should reinstall it

Whew! Stripping the driver and re-installing worked so far. I have an nVidia 6800 Go Ultra and gave it the driver for a 7800 Go. Seems to be happy. Much better.

This is good because any other time that I've tried to re-install DirectX, even while using the full download version, is that it doesn't install over itself. That sucks for trying to fix things. Fortunately my problem is gone.

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Can not wait for DirectX 10 can you? </sarcasme>

Wonder if Microsoft will get sued for Anti-Trust for creating a forced market. THat is, making there oprating system not ackwards compatible and creating a forced gamer market. If you don't understand what I mean in thoughs two sentances, this should explain it well enough:

Customer: "I would like Halo 2 for the PC"

Shop Guy: "Ok, here you go"

customer looks at box

Customer: "Can I run this on XP?"

Shop Guy: "No, you need vista"

Customer: "Ok, I'll take that as well"

Understand what a forced market it yet?

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I understand what you're saying...but, I'm not looking for DX10. I was just saying that if the 'fix' trials didn't work, I'd just let it go until Vista came out because I plan on doing a format to install Vista. DX10 is no big deal to me as I don't game, other than Solitaire. :P

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Customer: Can I run this game on my PS1?

Sales dude: you need a ps2...

customer: How dare sony force me to upgrade! Its a forced market!

Yes, MS are using DX10 to push vistas gaming angle, but a bad thing? Not as much as you want it to be. Should you be able to play Prey on a windows 95 system? Its pretty standard for companys to create something new, charge money for it and stop supporting the previos version so you'll have to upgrade. ITS NOT ILLEGAL. And, if your games look better and fun faster, who really gives a crap? You know your'll be using vista at somepoint.

Now from a dev point of view, DX10 is a ball ache, but thats another argument.

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That argument doesn;t exacly work VaKo, the same reasoning can be applie to a Computer and an ISP. The ISP saying you need a computer befor you can use the Internet and so forth. Also, I used the wrong term, it's not Antitrust, it's just a forced market, or is it antitrust?

Actualy it is, becasue if you want to play Halo 2 on the PC you need windows vista. It's prety much the exact same argument with iTunes and the iPod. If you want to use an iPod you have tp use iTunes. The same applies in revers. If you want to use iTunes and then listen to the music you download while out and about you have to have an iPod. I don't think making some one buy a computer becasue they want to use Linux can be considered a forced market. So the example you made (Sony and the PS2) is not an example of antitrust.

You can still play any modern game on Windows 98 becasue you can get DirectX 9 for windows 98. Now microsoft have abruptly stopped making there operating system backwards compatible thus forcing people to upgrade from all perviuse version to Vista if they want to play DX 10 stuff. They at least should make DX 10 for XP, so then there is at least a transitional phase, but from a marketing point of view that would not work well. Any way, befor a big argument starts i'm going to stop :P The american coughts when though all this when Microsoft released Windows 95 and forced market stuff for that.

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They have a get out of jail free card

You guys forget that Vista is supposed to give you access to the 'Live' network

So all they will say is yes but were using this to remove our monopoly on customers only being able to play on 'Live' through an Xbox/360.

On the trade off though they are supposed to be doing simultaneous vista/360 launches after Vista's release :) Which I believe is where Halo 3 was supposed to come in (If I recall correctly from E3) oh but wait now Vista is delayed until 2007 :( and it's looking like Halo 3 will be Nov 06

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