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Backtrack 4 x64 with Gnome


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64bit isn't really necessary, 32bit works just fine and it's compatible with pretty much everything. As for Gnome, well, personally I would say that BT is what it is, I don't like KDE but if I'm using BT then it doesn't get in my way. It comes as a package and frankly since BT isn't meant to be a desktop distro anyway I see little need for Gnome (or any other major changes). If you want it that bad, you could work Gnome in there yourself, or even better, just install your own distro however you like it and add in the parts of BT you need, most of it is available as standalone apps anyway.

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Another Solution would be to create your own securty and pen testing linux distro with gnome and on a 64bit kernel. Even if it is just for yourself, its a really good skill to have.

I was thinking about that actually but I do not know where to start. I would want it to be ubuntu based.

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