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HD Streaming Video with VLC


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Figured since HAK5 mess's with their own video alot, They might have a solution for me.

First off Here are my Specs

Streaming Server Specs:

Quad Core Intel CPU

Gigabit Nic

Running Ubuntu Server 64 bit

Serving the stream using UDP

vlc MovieTitle --sout='#standard{mux=ts,access=udp,dst=IP:Port}'

Receiving Computer Speds:

Dual Core E8400 Intel Chip

Gigabit Nic

Running XP 64 Bit

Gigabit Switch Connecting the two.

Now when I start up the stream on the server, I can receive it on the desktop computer but I noticed using TOP that the CPU is only pegging out at maybe 45% and the transfer really doesn't ever peak past 1Mbit. Now on the receiving computer, the stream does come in, but at times is blocky. Assuming a Gigabit Link, why can't I get the stream to go any faster then about 1 Mbit or 1% of my available Bandwidth?

I know that the network can handle more because I started up a couple streams going together and monitored the bandwidth usage on the server using both BWM-ng and Iftop. When I had 2 HD streams going, I noticed that there was about 2-3 Mbits going out of the network card.

Now one thought I had was that the Hard drive can't keep up but if that's the case, then why was I able to start up 2 different streams and push close to 3 Mbits across it on peak?

Another though was that the Receiving computer couldn't decode it fast enough but taking a look at resources, when playing the streamed video, my CPU doesn't peak about 40%.

Any Suggestions? I would really like to be able to stream HD video across my Gigabit Wired Network.


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Depending on the manufacturer, there might be a QOS (Quality of Service) that allows you to give priority to a certain port. There also might be something internal with VLC. If your file is in ogv format or can be readily converted, you should try flumotion streaming server, and possibly use it to diagnose between network, software, and OS.

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