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iPhone Open Source Dev for Computer Vision


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Hi all. I wonder if you guys might know or be in to this sort of thing? I'm playing around with everyone's latest techno-crack, the iPhone. I've been wondering about the current state of play with development. I currently own a 3G version, not the new 3GS and I'm hoping to get use of the camera. This can be done, as Saurik has managed with Cycorder. My goal, ultimately, is to attempt the port the ARToolKit to the iPhone in order to get a proof of concept idea off the ground.

The artoolkit guys have managed a 7-12fps version already but are still working away at it. Don't know what the deal is there. I suspect they have some deals with Apple. Now that FW3 is out however, compiling the Open Source toolchain seems to be a massive problem on its own, let alone porting the AR Libraries.

As I understand it, the iphone-dev toolchain uses LLVM-GCC which isn't something i'm very familar with. The new jailbroken FW3 devices have a newer filesystem and development libraries that seem incompatible with the current iphone-dev build so perhaps its early days as yet. Not sure.

Anyone else here have thoughts on this particular issue? Imagine the possibilities for augmented reality if this could work? :D

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Hey man,

You're in luck... as since 3.1 live camera access is a documented and apple approved API (see http://developer.apple.com)

If you're on a Mac the best way to start developing for the iPhone platform is to grab the iPhone SDK from apple, however if you want to deploy apps to your device, then you will need a developer license $99, which will provide you with certificates to sign apps for the device.

The development platform (officially) is xcode with gcc/bsdsubsystem however in xcode on snow leopard you can use CLang ;) google it heh.

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