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What is the fastest song you have for audiosurf?


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damn, is that Dieselboy? Sure sounds like it :D

Hell, glad to hear I'm not the only one who plays audiosurf. I love that game, but I keep forgetting about it (hell I forget about steam from time to time... going to download again :P!)

Hey that reminds me... Has anyone got Audiosurf to work properly in Wine yet? It's been some time since I tried it. Only worked half-assed last time I looked.

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just got back into audiosurf great game but then burned out but fun for when you want to chill to music but not really hehe.

Thats a fast song but not really that intense, if you would be using RMB that would be very very easy song just to say

Some Songs:

Queens of the Stone Age - Everybody Knows that You're Insane

Queens of the Stone Age - Medication

Blur - Song 2

Eagles of Death Metal - I want you soo bad

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