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Hacksaw source code


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I know hacksaw is sorta old. But currently iv made it fud. Not releasing it because then av would detect it. Anyways i need the source code for sbs.exe. Unless sbs.exe is the source code that came with it. If it isnt then can someone tell me what the source code goes to? Im good with crypting and making bats and vbs but i suck at c and c++.

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I honestly do know know what language it is. I could attach sbs.exe to this post in a zip file or something. Would you be able to tell what language it is? If so could you either decompile it or could you tell me the name of the decompiler for that language?

edit: sbs.exe is attached to this post in a .rar file

I also found out what client.exe does. Now i just need sbs to be decompiled.


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