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get a gr8 free email hosts : @linuxmail.org/@phreaker.net/..


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ye i use gmail aswell but i think u can still just forward these (i think) to it and have a cool mail adress :P

*edit* no u cant with the linux one sorry

u can however with the hotpop one's

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well if you can forward linuxmail.org to gmail then i will sign up
:,( nope i just checked , u need a premium account to forward it :,(

the ones from hotpop can tho .....

(one of my frowarded adresses is DLSS2smart[@]Phreaker.net

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I got my own domain. It's just so much cooler to say <myfirstname>@<mylastname>.nl than LeetHaxorWOOT@IThinkLinuxIsCoolAndYouShouldToo.org

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