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Can a wireless cable router work with a DSL connection? and some other High-speed questions.


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Hello everyone, I would like a little help in figuring out if I can use this old Motorola SBG900 Cable Modem/Wireless router as a Wireless Only router on a DSL connection.

So my dad opened up a comic book shop and we are (supposed) to be getting Verizon DSL in the shop any day now. They sent us a simple DSL router for it (which I am researching how they work now) and was wondering if there was ANY way to get this old SBG900 that we used to use in our house to work as a Wireless router only on the DSL connection.

If not what is a good DSL router with wireless on it? or which company should I be looking at for a good one?

Another question, which is superior DSL or Cable? By superior I am looking at more stable.

Thank you for at least reading this far.

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