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To blah with Arch Linux!


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Hello there! Just your average frustrated linux user here, to convey my aggrivation with a specific linux distro....

Arch Linux...

Ok, so here is my beef. No matter what way I install it, it seems to screw up in the repo updates or something because everytime I try to install openbox, it will install, but when I try to add anything else (besides lxpanel) pacman cant find it. Yes I did a pacman -SU, and a pacman -Sy, etc.etc. on down the line..

Now I am using Virtual Box to test, as when I get finished with it (if I EVER do) I will export to usb, and install on my laptop.

The reason why I am doing this, is for one, to learn the full ins and outs of linux, but two, to create my own Super Fast, Fast booting, packet capturing distro.. Yes I know I can use backtrack, but I wanna do it with even faster results... (+ I have yet to get it to work with my atheros 5007k card)

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Use -Syu to do a full system upgrade, this way any incompatable packages will be updated. Then use -S to install things. If you use -Sy it will upgrade your list of packages, and then install the newest of the packages which sometimes creates incompatabilites between certain packages. You should really read up on all of the pacman options so you know what you're doing and you don't break things by throwing random commands at it. And when you have problems, posting the error explicitly helps a lot ;p

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Thanks dr0p! :D I know it's a pretty well noob issue. I just couldnt figure out what was going wrong.

The main issues I have is when trying to install something new. For the most part it works, just getting the full desktop stuff to get it looking good, it usually gets about half way through downloading, and then something is missing from the repos.

TBH, I went back in to find the exact errors but I forgot what app I was trying to install.. But that just goes to show even after all these years, I am getting A LOT more informed about linux, but im still just a grasshopper! :)

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The only reason I can think of as to why the file isn't found in the repos is because your local package list is outdated so when it tries to grab the old file off of the servers, you get a 404.

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