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SanDisk....Who Likes the installed U3 software?!


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Every time I plug in my SanDisk flash drive I get this pop up and update message from the U3 SanDisk software! It doesn't matter how many times you reformat it, it still keeps coming back... Well this solution has been out for a while but I thought I would bring it to the Hak5 community to save people hassle. SanDisk made their own program to remove this annoyance. Just go to http://u3.com/support/default.aspx#CQ3 for more info and the download links.

PC Removal Tool - http://u3uninstall.s3.amazonaws.com/U3Uninstall.exe

Mac Removal Tool - http://communities.sandisk.com/sandisk/boa...;thread.id=1066

Just run it and follow the steps and U3 will be no more. And if for some reason you ever want it back you can always download and install it back.

Hope this helps,


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