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SJSEK - Saustin's JavaScript Exploitation Kit


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Hey guys.

Please post comments on what you think.

Leechers just scroll down.

I came to this forum for 3 reasons:

1. I love the show. I watch it every chance [never] I get.

2. Because irongeek is leet.

3. I needed a community to post my new project: SJSEK

I coded this for 2 reasons:

1. I'm bored.

2. BeEF is detectable as HELL.

What is this?


S - Saustin's

J - Java

S - Script

E - Exploitation [it doesn't exploit anything, by the way]

K - Kit

Q. What does it DO?

A. There are six commands you can issue:

1. Visit a link [iframed]

2. Steal a cookie SRC'd

3. Send a alert

4. Run JavaScript Code [One line]

5. Redirect to different URL

6. DDoS a URL.

Q. Does this exploit anything?

A. Technically, no. You can have this INSIDE of a XSS exploit, or even a iframe.

Q. What is inside of the .zip?





Perl Editor.pl

Windows Editor [Yes I know vb6 sucks]

Q. What do I need to set this up?

A. PHP, and a server. Perl isn't required, and windows isn't either, but it's recommended.

If you have ANY other questions, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask them.

Oh, by the way I'm not a bragger but I'm 14 ><.






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