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What to do with a sattelite Dish


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FTA, being legit about it , its a good hobby, looking up sats, and pointing at them and seeing what you can get, you can probably get a cheap fta receiver off ebay now because all the DN hackers are selling after the NAG3 upgrade... you can find some pretty cool stuff coming down from up there

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Well, you could use it to fry WiFi leechers. Here's a couple of MegaWatts for your leeching @%$, lol.

I've always wanted to try using a microwave with the door removed. Just to see what it would do. Couldn't leave it on for very long, but it most likely wouldn't need to be. I have too many neighbors now to feel safe trying.

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That's almost exactly what I built. Here's the page I used for reference. I'm using a panel mount N connector for my base. Using a piece of aluminum as the reflector, and a gladware container for the enclosure. You can use any plastic sealable container as long as it's microwave safe. When it says "microwave safe" the plastic itself isn't going to melt, which means microwaves pass through.

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