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How To Capture Packets On The PSP?


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Does any member know a homebrew application (if any exists) for the play station portable that captures packtets sent by a game in the PSP? If not is there a program that can capture the packets remotely on the PSP, if so can you link me to it please and if you have the time a guide on how to use it to capture packets from the PSP especially.


Jamez B.

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I would suggest putting Linux on your PSP and then putting a app on there like Ettercap for remote packet capturing. Now don't hold me to this. I have never done it before. This is merely a concept of idea. Here is a link to take your PSP (Depending on what model you have) and put Linux on it. http://jacksonm80.googlepages.com/linuxonpsp.htm As for putting Ettercap on it I have no clue how... Hope that helps!

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