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Expanding Raid Volume


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I current have 3 1TB hard drives in a raid 5 configuration. I am wondering if it is possible to expand my raid volume with another 1TB hard drive without having the recreate my volume. I have the Intel ICH10R controller and Intel does say that Capacity expansion is not supported by it but I saw a forum post that said this can be done (they didn't say how).

Any ideas? Gonna be a paid to find a place to backup almost 2TB of data.

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Hey dude,

What raid system are you doing?

One setup through nexsan that I've used allows for hot spares to be created and added to the array, all you need to do is insert the drive and "add" it in the web gui. So, it all depends on the system that you're using and if there is a good way to get around it.

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If its not a part of the actual specifications then I would be wary of attempting to hack the support for capacity expansion. While it might work, you certainly do not want to test this on a live array of data without a backup and recovery plan in place.

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