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need another way to get cd key


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So i'm currently trying to get this Dell Poweredge 1950 back up and running. It keeps freezing while loading into windows, so i made a custom UBCD for this computer with raid drivers, ran checkdisk and av scanners, blah blah blah, no luck. well anyways i need to do a repair and i need the cd key. the guy that owns the server has the key on him and not the server and its 4th of july weekend, so he's not picking up his phone.

is there anyway i can get the cd key from a Live linux cd or USB hack i can do? I've already wasted 2 days on this thing and my boss is getting annoyed.

thanks guys

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I haven't tried reinstalling Windows yet because the customer still has stuff on there I need to backup. This computer is so hosed i can't even boot into safe mode. I'd go through and do that on all the computers but that would take alot of time, lol. plus most of the important ones (ours) are linux :-D

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Windows Server 2003 Web Edition (lol its 32bit and he's running dual quad cores with 8 GB of ram, what a waste)

32bit Server 2003 does not have the same 4gig ram limits imposed like on XP, or at least, thats what I was told by someone.

so i made a custom UBCD for this computer with raid drivers
So, while you were booted this way, could you see any files in the system? If so, back them up from the live environment to another machine/server/storage device, then reformat and restore everything. If you have to, boot a live linux disc and mount the drives(if possible withthe raid, not sure what would be required, but a google search might be in order for help with that part) and then copy the files off, format, reinstall, etc..
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@digi. yea thats what i did. theres 2 74gb SAS drives in Raid 1, also with 2 partitions so theres like a 12gb and a 60 gig, so i just copied all the shit he needed from the C: to the D:. just hope i can load the sata drivers by USB drive or i'll have to make a custom W2k3 Enterprise disc :-/

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