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so ESXi gurus


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On ESXi there aren't any NAT or Bridged there are vSwitches (NAT). You have to configure your vSwitch/es to what you want. As far as firewalls or IPtables, not until you get vCenter server up will you get these options. One way of accomplishing this task would be to create or add the pfSense firewall appliance.

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i think i'll just throw my hacked linksys with DDWRT in front of this server to run something, then just go from there. cause the only other way i think it will work is if i install CentOS and then install VMserver on top of that so i can run other machines.

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Well configure the console to run on a seperate interface to the virtual machine network interface. That way you can use public IP's for the VM's and a private IP for the console. If the enter thing is being hosted on a public network, then you will need ACL's for the console.

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