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July 2009 Desktops

Mark Manching

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Current desktop is a Manip I finished this afternoon. About 1 hour spent on it.


Be sure to compare it to the original photo.

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Hello everyone. Been a long time since I been on here, reinstalled Linux 2 days ago, this is what I have so far.


I like my Picture folders to display like galleries.


Chrome + Auto-Hide Dock/Gnome-Do + Chromium = plenty of browsing space


Standard desktop with dock in view


Standard desktop with dock auto-hidden


Love this wallpaper, wish it fit the conkyscript better

Good to see the quality is still string around here, you guys have given me some good ideas :)

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Yep :]

Rainmeter: ChaeChae [Gothic Century] - http://www.flickr.com/photos/33771027@N08/3350346757/

Winamp: Exceed - http://nylons.deviantart.com/art/Exeed-Win...lassic-19353700

Rocketdock: Mnml Icons - http://brsev.deviantart.com/art/Mnml-Icon-Set-106367676

Folders: White Elegance - <Forgot where I got these :( >

Visual Style: NV3 Final - http://invaderjohn.deviantart.com/art/NV3-...-final-90172879

Music Lyrics: Minilyrics (VTT Visitor Font - 8 px) - http://www.crintsoft.com/

As for the desktop, it's my own personal one :P. My friend made the drawing and I kinda just slapped it together.

If you want it though, I can upload it but I need to ask him first heh.

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Well forgot about posting this earlier.

Here's my laptop! (linux partition)


Not too much glamor to it but I wanted it that way. Fast and simple. Mainly I just knocked conky down and to the left. Other than that I just took some options out to fit to the background. Cant remember where I got the background but it sure does save me time having it!

This is Unity Linux. I'm not even sure the producers of this distro even know they have it up (found it on accident on their site while looking for the previous version of the distro that just closed shop.. it was a different name though) they have started from scratch with this and are now migrating *which kinda sucks cause the repos are short and so is documentation. Also I think this is Alpha but I have not had any problems* but it's really fast, and completely NON-BLOAT! other than drivers it is a minimalist linux w/open box. Guess think of it as an Arch install but you didnt have to build it yourself :P Very nice distro indeed. I will be upgrading to the newest ver. when available.

***btw update***

With the newest kernel, my Atheros 5007x card FINALLY works otb! Also I don't know what is different, but even though flash is a tiny bit buggy (some fair amount of page tearing when fullscreen) but is working super fast and smooth. Wait a go adobe.. er.. well at least it's usable this time around :D [one more throw in the bucket of leaning toward passing windows completely]

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@sable...what are you running?

That's an Ubuntu 9.10 box running XBMC with Aeon Stark (and 2Tbs of Blu-Rays).

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