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Missing Pages and OpenWRT only SSID

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Ok, so I to break down and ask for help. Here's my situation.

OK, so I thought i too bricked my FON router. I had to abruptly stop in the middle of my modding process- , and it was extremely hard to get back up and working. So digging through some of the forums, I was able to get my Jasager up and working or so I thought.

Here's what I did.

- I set my IP address of my Local Area Connection to

- I found that I wasn't able to ping, but I was however able to ping When I ran NMAP against it, the only port that it showed was TCP 9000.

- I downloaded:

Freifunk Ap51 EasyFlash GUI utility

openwrt-atheros-2.6-vmlinux.lzma and


- Unplugged my FON.

- Opened Freifunk, and loaded the the two files listed above.

Hit GO!

- Plugged back in the FON router, and waited. It started connecting and then showed me that it flashing ok.

When the FON came up, i was able to successfully get to and see the Jasager / Karma page. The one thing i did see kinda weird is that I couldn't see any of the additional pages that Darren spoke about, Graphs, Status or anything for that matter. So I'm wondering, am i missing something on the router?

The other problem i'm seeing is, i only see the OpenWrt SSID, nothing else. My devices don't seem to automatically connect to anything. I've turned Karma on, and still no go.

So 1st, thanks for taking the time to read through all of this. I appreciate any help anyone can give.

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Jasager has no fancy graphs, that is the webif console. Depending on which firmware and whose instructions you followed you may not have it installed or you may have moved it off to one side.

If the Jasager interface is showing that Karma is enabled then you need to check what ESSIDs your client is trying to connect to. If OpenWrt is the top of the list and on auto connect then it will connect to that and then stop, try having something else at the top of the list.

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Ok, here's where i'm a little confused. Please excuse me if i sound like a NOOB.

In Darren's post, ICS Via Jasager, he talks about using the OpenWRT configuration to set some parameters. When I was talking about graphs, this is what i was talking about. The OpenWRT pages. I don't have them probably because i used the wrong firmware.

So I know I have Jasager v2 on the router, and I have OpenWRT Kamikaze 8.09, BusyBox v.1.11.2 on my FON.

So, here's my lame question. Is there an easy way to simply add the missing pages of OpenWRT or do I have to load a different firmware version?

Thanks for your help! :)

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Probably the easiest thing for you to do is to install the Piranha firmware, that has all the web interface stuff installed and working happily along side Jasager.

There are a few threads on here about it or google "piranha firmware" to find a link to its site.

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I think the graphs you are looking for are in the webif part of the fon router if you get to this page look at about the middle of the page I think it about the middle anyways there are a few different choices there like system and vpn and a few others that I don't remember of the top f my head there is one called status and if you click on it it will give you a graph of I believe this is what you are looking for hope I was able to answerer your questions.

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