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Anyone want a pre-made serial cable?

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I've managed to misplace my serial cable so I'm going to have to order and make up a new one so was thinking of ordering a few extra cables, making them up and selling them on.

I don't know shipping costs at the moment but they would probably be about £25 or so to people in the UK. I'd have to have at least a part payment up front to make sure I don't end up with a load of cables and no cash.

If anyone is interested PM me and I'll try to work out some costs.

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digininja: Brilliant, are they still going for £25 if so how do I contact you regards payment (paypal, etc)?

PM me and I'll send you all the details.

Looks like I'd better do some soldering this weekend.

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DigitalM, you still want a cable? Anyone else want one?

I forgot to remind people so I'll put this shout out and place the order Saturday morning.

i absolutely will take one, have a fon that has been bricked for quite some time and have been to crazy to make my own

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