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ESXi Backup Solutions


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With the recent episode on ESXi 4 (free) this has got me thinking about converting one of our utility servers (currently hosting VMWare Server 2.0) to ESXi. The problem is that my company is running a M$ shop with BackupExec. Funds are limited right now, so purchasing the Virtual Center and BackupExec Agent License is out of the question. W

What are my other options...free options.

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You can setup NFS on Server 2003 quite easily using Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 and Server 2008 supports NFS out of the box.

If it's not a production box, just shut down the VM, copy the VMDK files (and everything else in the directory). You get a full backup pretty easy, should be easy to script that.

Of course this only works if you can shut down the VMs....

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If your in a similar position to myself then as a Wintel shop deploying linux just isn't an option (management approval etc), even in the case of Openfiller which does actually proper, paid for support.

This script I provided does handle snapshots and powering machines on/off so I would recommend playing with it before opting for a manual snapshot approach. Its designed for use with DAS rather than NAS or SAN.

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