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Need SSH Server solution for Windows


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There is many ports of OpenSSH for windows but most of the ones I have found use cygwin (sshwindows uses a minimal cygwin set up but still uses cygwin).

If you want to avoid cygwin completely then check out FreeSSHd.

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I second http://sshwindows.sourceforge.net/

You can create a batch job that prepares the users and passwords for you as well. Code from Raktor (Formerly Bigbro69) on bsodtv:

@echo off
echo By Bigbro69 from http://www.bsodtv.org/
cd \program files\openssh\bin
mkgroup -l > ..\etc\group
mkpasswd -l > ..\etc\passwd
sc config opensshd start= auto
net start opensshd

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