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Interesting tombstone


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I dont even have a <girlfriend> tag! :-)

You want to get a <femalebicuriousfriend> tag lol

Hit it Bob & Tom....

Menage a Trois one man two women ooo lala

Find-a-friend to play

surround myself with T&A...

And then she runs off with her friend as she's better in bed than you :oops: or atleast she thinks so because you stood there frozen drooling all over the carpet. :lol:

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i would either have </me> or </melodic>

If they have to double stack graves and they bury an 'Anthony' above you then you can have:



Yeah I know it's a poor joke but maybe it made someone smile :)

Really I need an AI system with a weatherproof screen on mine (hey it could always use my corpse as a fuel cell)

How about:


On GW's grave?

Edit: Oh crap put the weapons down Americans that was not a terrorist threat... it was a joke I tells ya a jokk... *Straped down across the bow of a 747 and taken to Guantanemo or any one of the black ops sites who can tell - where I will be made to touch myself in various places for the amusement and sexual pleasure of the USA Corp board*

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