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Hak5live air app 0.2.4


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Ok, so the last air app was decent but then #hakhouse moved the irc and then the streams for a little while. I didn't have time to patch it or release version 0.3, but inspite of me finding time on my hands lately and not being tied up at work, i have started the air app project again. At the moment this is just a working app to get started on, this is version 0.2.4 and the version 3 app has a few bugs that me and a friend are going to try and work out and i hope that i can release it soon. For the time being, i will need to fix the windows vista window size error and the windows 7 windows size error in this app. Other than that if there are any improvements that i can make, please feel free to comment below.

*UPDATE - Windows 7, Windows Vista Patch* : http://hakstalkers.com/mirc/haklive-beta-2-4-1.air

Hak5live Air App 0.2.4 : http://hakstalkers.com/mirc/haklive-beta-2-4.air

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Ok, i have patched it to work with windows vista and windows 7 without the window size error, if you have windows XP i advise you to use 0.2.4 instead of this new patch Again if you have any problems please let me know, Thanks. The link for the new patch is : hakstalkers.com/mirc/haklive-beta-2-4-1.air

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