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Jasager @ DIR300

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Well, after a lot of researching (noob researching, but still :P), i decieded to try Jasager on my little DIR300, its a bit bigger than the Fon, but its a lot easier to get.

After emailing Digininja about some Hardware worries he said the magic words "Go ahead and try it, it shouldnt brick your router", i ignored the should and went to flash it right away!

To my suprise, it works so far, Karma is enabled and its saying Yes to everything.

I've got still to test the features at full scale, since im quite a noob around this, but im really excited about getting it to work, now i have a lot of learning to do :D.

Just wanted to share my joy with you all and my experience, massive props to Digininja for all the work on Jasager and for the magic words :D.

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WOW! Quite the price difference.

I wasn't sure what the DIR300 was, I see it's a D-Link router.

But WOW.. $99 for it vs. $29 for the Fon.

I order the Fon's directly from the Fon Store with no problems..

And Personally I like the small size, the face the 2100 run off 5v ( Usb works great or battery )

and I put a new +12DBi antenna on it's standard port.

Really glad to hear you got it working. But I for the price difference can you help explain why it's better?

Why are you not able to get the Fon's?

Just curious, I don't mean to sound like I'm putting the DIR300's down, I don't know much about them.

I'm sure they are worth the extra money.

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99$? Where did you check it man!

The router is at most 50$ or so, i see its not very popular on the US/Europe, but its pretty common to find it here in South America and google reports a lot of AU results too.

Its not better than the Fon, it has half of the memory for a start which really sucks, i cant get a Fon here (altought im trying to ebay one soon or importing one with a friend, i've got yet to see what ill do about that) because the service its not here yet, like i care about the service! :P

But yeah, its not better than the Fon, by any means, Fon is Smaller, its proven to work, has more memory, and its what everyone uses, i "choose" the DIR300 because thats my current router, no other reason, sometimes you just gotta try to work with what you have :P.

So yeah, if you can choose, get the Fon, thats a no brainer, but if you dont and your router has an Atheros SoC, give it a try!

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