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Linux tools on OS X


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There's a few things you'll need to install to get things going, but since it is just a UNIX platform, it is completely possible and easy. X11 (for GUI), bash, and xterm are already installed, so it should just be a matter of installing development stuff like cc/[gcc], then following every wish of the ./configure script.



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As has been said, most of what you need is already installed, or comes on the install CD/DVD. Just a note, though, depending on function of the tool (especially network stuff) you might find they don't compile or will but won't run if it was coded specifically with a Linux kernel in mind. In that case you might find using something intended for one of the BSD variants more willing to work. OS X is a distant cousin, a few times removed, from the BSD tree. While there are a lot of differences, they have more in common than OS X does with Linux.

That said, much of what's out there will work with little or no modification.

If you want stuff that's going to 'just work', look at The MacPorts Project. There are a LOT of X11, command line, and even Aqua applications in there, and it's REALLY easy to use the ports system if you have even just a little command line experience. It'll save you from all that 'does this really work' mucking about.

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