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PHP, MySQL and JDBC Questiuon

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Hey All,

I am a non programmer type, but trying to get involved with something at work. We have a PHP site, using a MySql database. It's running on IE 6 (Windows 2003 Server). I am trying to use named pipe option becuase it is so much faster, but I can not seem to get info on how to do that. And the info I have found is WAY beyond my understanding. I downloaded the jconnector, and created a CLASSPATH entry in system variables pointing it to the .jar file. Thats where I am stuck. I saw some code out there for next steps, but I don't know where or how to implement it. Do I create a file of some kind and put it somewhere? Is there an existing config file i should edit? Etc... Any ideas or help very appreciated.

Thank you!

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What exactly are you trying to do? Because with PHP, you can also do html code on the same page. Are you trying to use a java applet or a jar file on the page you are serving, or is this some sort of java program that runs server side you need to pass data to?

PHP+Named Pipe example: http://my.opera.com/zomg/blog/2007/08/29/php-and-named-pipes

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Hrmm try and explain what your trying to achieve, you say your running a PHP / SQL site, then there is really no need for JDBC, unless you are using a java applets on your site as well, that also needs a connection it your database.

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