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SB5100 Online blinking


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Yesterday my hacked SB5100 modem stopped working, the online light keeps blinking. I read it means the ISP doesnt recognize it? or something like that, doesnt sound like its going to fix itself with time or something. I have another modem, webstard DPC2100 and that one does work when i plug it so its not the line, has to be the modem... my guess (and i could be wrong cause im a noob at this) is that i need to change the other modems MAC address...? But i have NO CLUE as to how to do this, and i dont wanna brick the modem.

You guys might say "why dont you just use the other modem?" well, the one thats not working has 512 speed, this one is 125. I had to wait like 5 minutes for this page to load!

Also, its hacked (like i said) so calling the ISP is really not an option =P

any help would be really really appreciated. Ive got torrents that need to be downloaded!

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Do you also use a router with this setup or straight to the modem from the pc? I often use my router to change my ip address with my ISP by changing th emac address on the router, the power cycling the modem. If your modem worked before, then they probably allow the mac address on their network.

If its a clone and they found two on at the same time, then a DHCP conflict might arise but I doubt they would even notice, as someone would have to monitoring for such a thing or have some kind of strict rules set up to hunt down double mac addresses. I doubt thats the case.

How long has it been down? Might be able to just change the your mac address on the pc(or router if you have one) and then power cycle the modem for a new IP from DHCP. Swapping out one modem, the putting the other back in might be long enough to get a new IP address lease for the modems mac as well. Sometimes when they go down, its a problem on the ISP's side, and if you disconnect and reconnect before the dhcp lease is up, you get the same IP address asigned, and if its in a pool from part of the network that is down, well, you will still be down until they come up.

Assuming you are on the second modem now, put the original back in and see what happens. It shoudl have been down long enough for its dhcp lease to expire.

Another problem is that the ISP may have flashed the modem with firmware that wasn't meant for the device, which could have already bricked it. I had a similar problem with Comcast, where they put older firmware on my modem than what it came with, causing all kind sof problems for me. It wasn't until I got into a different DHCP pool and was sent a proper firmware that the problem was resolved.

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Hey, thanks the incredibly fast reply.

Im not using a router, its connected directly to the PC through USB, im on the working one right now, im gonna try see if the other one works.

My first guess was that there was a problem on the ISP's side, like you said, they tend to have a lot of those.

The modem has been down for less than a day since it stopped working yesterday at about 3pm. Ill wait a while see if it gets back up and running and if not ill do what you said. But im a complete noob, i think ill need some help, if you will.

Thanks for the help! Ill post up any advance

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