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I have a website that is currently being bombarded by DDOS. :( This website is very important to the survival of our business and provides our income. The hosting is outsourced to a company. I can't give a lot of details but would like to know of any practical solutions for fending off DDOS attacks. Hiring a company, moving our server, etc. I hope they are just targeting DNS records so that we can do some filtering.

:( It's scary to think that some 14 year old kid may be holding our business to the mercy of his botnet.

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Talk to your hosting provider, they quite often have measures in place that will help guard against DDOS.

You could try changing your IP in the DNS server to see if the traffic goes away. If that works, and you can get a new temporary domain name registered and out to your clients, then that would be a temporary way around it.

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You need more info from your host as to what the nature of the DDOS is.

Is it coming from many different sources, or multiple sources from the same network? Bot nets tend to be difficult to shield against since the attacks are coming from a geographically disperse source. That's supposing they have a net, they could be using some other unsuspecting network(s) to amplify the attack against your page.

As mentioned above, I'd recommend getting in touch with whoever is hosting your site and getting them to investigate. Make sure they aren't exploiting a weakness in the companies servers or network infrastructure. They should be able to screen for all the silly named attacks (smurf, fraggle, etc), and make sure you're not in a syn flood situation.

If they let you know what exactly is happening but don't know how to guard against it (first, get a new host), let us know what's going on and we can recommend how best to defend.

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