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Realtek 8180 Devices?


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Well, i've been catching up with the show this past weeks, and im absolutely amazed my the Packet Analisis (Sniffing, Hacking, and etc) and i really want to get a bit more into it..., sadly, im missing the hardware!

Currently im sitting on a Broadcom Chipset (BCM94311MCAG) and none of the software is making a good use of it (IE: Not compatble, :sadface:), so..., time to buy something new...

For the record, im using an XPS M1530 as my main machine.

So, i've heard about the Alfa 500MW with the 8180 Chip, pretty good references, and seems REALLY compatible and the extra range is alwas welcome..., but its somewhat expensive, i cant find it on my country (Chile), so 60$ USD + Shipping are not totally, but kinda out of my budget...

Are there any cheaper alternatives with either the 8180 or some chipset with high compatibility out there?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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