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Getting TightVNC password


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My school uses TightVNC on all the computers in the school, but i'm on a limited account; very limited. I've tried 'run > 'Regedit' but i get 'This has been disabled by your Administrator'.

I log onto a domain 'CURRICULUM' as a number '0026'.

What i want to do is retrieve the VNC password hashes, etc. and then i can take it home and crack it - With TigthVNC being opensource? There files may be on the system somewere were i can put them on a usb and take them.

I'm willing to work at this,

Any ideas?

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Perhaps we should define hacking and cracking somewhere on the site or the show.

I know it's disputed in many circles but in my mind cracking is breaking into systems you have no business being in, and hacking is making new uses for existing or new things.

You can 'hack' something together and you can 'crack' open a safe.

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You can 'hack' something together and you can 'crack' open a safe.

Interestingly my parents use the phrase "hacked up" to refer to something that someone has made a mess of rather than created. It really can be confusing because they will say that so and so hacked up their spreadsheet, which makes me think that it has been created for them when in fact they mean it has been destroyed and needs to be restored from backups.

Just goes to show how the language is evolving.

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