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I hacked these web sites !!


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So you vandalized a couple of websites big fucking deal I could teach a 8 year old to do that, it doesn’t make you a hacker, it makes you a little bitch with to much time on his hands.

Fucking learn to do something useful, if you don’t want to do something useful at least do something like write an interesting virus or worm.

My hero..... He cursed just enough not to be bad but to be GREAT!
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i really know that , you said this because you are babies in hackers .

dont worry search other low security web site to hack them . loool :D

wow, how we all missed your reply baffles me, but ill reply.

lets see, "babies in hackers." n00bish hackers i assume is what you mean. you know, your such the EXPERT hacker, why dont YOU explain the whole "both these sites are pointing at the same ip, but the are different sites" thing. Anyone with half a brain can make the same connection I did. By the way, your using a proxy to access this site right? I'm SURE the site owners have logs full of your ip (not that i think it would be hard to track down).

btw, (still giving you a huge benefit of the doubt here), hacking websites is so important to you because...? you can do it? ok, you "did" it. go learn something else to do. like Sparda said, "A actual hacker would take the Linux kernel and rewrite it so that it detects new hardware in real time properly, they would then give the Linux kernel the same (or better) hardware support that windows does now." THAT would make you more popular than some (crappy i might add) website defacement

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Hey my cat is 1337 I saw it Hack a huuuuuge steaming site this morning only took it a few mins too 8) Pussy FTW as the misses says :)

Oh don't bow down to our 1337 hacking cat though or he'll tare you a new one, proxy that is, you won't have a single direction firewall after that for sure.

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