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Autopwn'age on OSX?


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Hey everybody! I was wondering if anyone has gotten either Fast-Track or just Metasploit Autopwn running on Mac OS X? I've seen many incomplete or outdated guides, so I think I'm just gonna dig in on it solo. I know both sites (metasploit's and fasttrack's) say it's been tested and works great and I believe them, just trying to get some feedback from the community before I dive into it.... Anything?

I suppose my question is more, how hard is it to get all the dependencies working on OS X? I know I can just svn co both the fast-track and metasploit trunks...

For those who don't know yet:

Fast-Track 4 was release earlier this year (www.thepentest.com, https://www.securestate.com/Pages/Fast-Track.aspx)

Dependencies include: Metasploit 3, SQLite, PYMSSQL, FreeTDS, Pexpect, ClientForms, Beautiful Soup, and Psycho.

UPDATE: I got PYMSSQL, FreeTDS, Pexpect (used in msf auto'ing), ClientForms, and Beautiful Soup installed and it seems fasttrack is working. However, none of the commands it throws at msf work because of dependency issues. Any tips would be awesome!

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i did get metasploit on mac OSX i have it working on a mac OSX it should all work

Thanks for the reply!

I followed this guy's tut a bit and did the same: http://www.jeffcross.me/2009/04/28/install...it-on-mac-os-x/ wasn't too bad.

Did you get autopwn to work? I think it requires a few more dependencies, like sqlite or postres and some other junk.

This link has some pretty detailed info on what it requires: http://blog.metasploit.com/2006/09/metaspl...ploitation.html

I just, for the life of me can't get a PostgreSQL server running to create a database on. In msf console it loads the postres plugin (load db_postgres) but it fails to create (db_create). Gives "Error while running command db_create: This plugin failed to load: Failed to connect to the database", then lists the call stack.

And yes yes, I know this is not a metasploit forum. Again, I am looking for feedback from this lively community on people's success/failure with autopwn.


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