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Fake the "On Created Date" in file properties


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Seems a java homework of mine got lost on our schools server now so it looks like I'll be asked to send it back in again.

But I'd like to get 100% of the marks for it so I went back into it and edited it a bit... a lot.

Now I'm wondering if I can fake the "On Created Date" + "On Accessed Date" to change the date back to February some time. Or just to screw up the dates so he won't be able to know if I edited the document.

I know if I just copy the file it all the dates will be set to the same so might do that if there is no other way.

I see when you attach it in an email it gets a new created on date so I can do that but I still wonder is there ways to set the date back

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What you want it *nix's touch command. There are win32 versions available if you are using windows, just Google for win32 unix commands. The touch command will let you set the modified and access timestamps for the files.

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I would be more worried about source code time stamps that an IDE or compiler might have thrown in, far more telling than a file system time stamp. This also applies to most document formats as well as meta data on images.

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