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Arch shuts down when playing games


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Sounds like you have a poor grade pwr supply trying to run what it cannot run.

Well actually before we get into that it could be a myriad of things. Give us more info.

What specs are your computer? (CPU, MEMORY, MOTHERBOARD, POWER SUPPLY and VIDEOCARD mainly)

What kernel do you have (you can find out by looking at the boot screen when first starting up your computer. you will see something along the lines of 2.6.x.x.x write down that number and post.

If it is a store bought computer (and you have not uninstalled or installed any hardware) then just post the make, model, and serial no.

Hate to ask this, but have you tried, or does this happen while playing a game in windows?

Remember (and I am not preaching) the best thing to do is give us the full Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How so that we can better figure out what might be happening. It could be almost anything, and I could suggest where to start looking, but it may be a wild goose chase until we know the details.

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Yeah, I sorry. I posted this on another forum and nothing happened. So my computer is really a laptop Compaq Presario CQ50 with everything stock execpt the OS obviously. In windows everything ran fine.

I've actually fixed it myself with a low-tech hack...*drum roll* placing my diablo2 game box under my laptop so it doesn't touch my glass desk! My first guess was that the laptop was over heating. Well after playing with cpufreqd (I set cpufreq_conservative to start on boot) the temp was fine, but it still shut off. When I checked the fan I touched the glass abit too, that was the real kicker, it was hotter than the laptop! So I placed a book under it and tested it...well lets say I've been playing ever since...=]

I really don't mind the low-tech hack, I would just like to plainly fix this so when I go somewhere (it is a laptop after all) I can still play games and do work.

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cq50 you say.. wouldnt be a cq50-215nr would it? Mine runs hotter than moose piss but it never shut down as a result... I understand that the glass get's hot, but since it pulls are from a little distance away, this should not cause overheating at all... Did you have enough clearence between the laptop and glass? Your fan may be getting weak or something....

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well.. pretty much the exact same laptop. I think you have a 1.8ghz instead of a 1.9 and like a 120gig hdd instead of a 160.

well.. wait. You have an intel or amd proc?

here's my spec so I know were on the same level:

Amd QL-60 @ 1.9ghz per core

2 gigs ddr2

Nvidia 8200m g video card

*for what it's worth*

160 gig sata2 hdd

Atheros 5007x series 802.11g wifi card

super multi dvd+-rw (mine's without lightscribe nor the camera nor the mem card reader... it was $350. can I argue?)

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lemme ask you this then. Do you have the newest Nvidia drivers? If not then very much properly uninstall all of the older drivers, and install the new ones, as I know from experiance, the drivers were not fully compatible with the card until about 6 months ago.. If you have installed the newest drivers, did you have old drivers installed before hand? cause if so then I would completely uninstall all drivers and then reinstall with the new ones.

BTW while I have a fellow AMD/Nvidia owner here.. Do you have a crappy time too even with the newest ver. of flash? *I STILL get serious lagg on fullscreen vids, just not on small vids*

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mm... TBH, I really do not know much about pacman. I tried installing Arch once, and gave up half way through (though it's on my list of things to do). You need to ask dr0p about that one... he's the leading Arch supporter here.

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Maybe your guys should try out my unofficial archlinux live cd. This will give you a desktop archlinux install since added a installer to the livecd. You get the iso at my blog here.

I hope this helps.

PS The lastest version is called Archiso-Testing cause i been using the testing repo of archlinux. This is mostly do to the major rebuild with bash 4.0 and readline. I will more then like not use testing repo with the libjpeg rebuild coming since it will break community packages.

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I like xubuntu, but your right, it's not quite as light as I like it to be.

lopez1364, your an arch user, can you tell me if updating nvidia via pacman is equivalent to the update like debian?

I also have a question about setting up cpufreqd, I might not have set it up right. The laptop still get pretty hot.

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