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HARD - TLS Proxy - testing a protocol


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Hi all

I am trying to test a new remote control protocol.

The protocol is encrypted by TLS.

I am trying to be the MIDM and:

1. decrypt the message. (Using a Certificate that all computers in the problem can trust and i also have all Private keys)

2. send it to a protocol automation that i built(installed on the MIDM)

3. send the message encrypted to the other side.

I will try to explain it in another way.

lets look at two computers: A & B which are communicating.

between them i have another computer called Proxy, which should listen to every thing they are saying to eachother.

I want to build using C# a tool that will get the conversation keys and using the Cert and the private keys it will be able to read the encrypted data and send it to the automation software that installed on this Proxy.

I am adding a picture of the way the problem looks like.

btw - i want both computers A&B to do the handshake while its passing through my proxy.

Thank you very much

the picture is not accurate, i wont to avoid encrypting on the Proxy.

i will be happy to hear every kind of solution you have!!


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