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Problems with Google


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Hi all,

I am rather dispaired, because I cannot find a solution for my problem. And I do not know, whom to ask. So I try it here.

My problem is the following:

I have a homepage which is running in a frame. The frame is called "index.html" and inside are the contents, called "start1.html" and "start2.html".

When entering my URL into the browser, everything works fine. Index.html is loaded and then is filled with the content of "start1.html".

In Google my ranbking is o.k., but the link it is pointing to is not "http://www.myurl.de/index.html" or "http://www.myurl.de" , but "http://www.myurl.de/start1.html".'>http://www.myurl.de/start1.html". Because of this, my homepage is always started out of google without its frame and not working correctly.


Is there a way, to force google, always point to "http://www.myurl.de/index.html" or just "http://www.myurl.de" ?

Is alternatively a way to force google NOT to point to "http://www.myurl.de/start1.html" ?

I tried playing with robots.txt, but did not succeed.

Any help is welcome!!!

Thank you for reading.



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The short answer is: "stop using frames"

The long answer is "stop using frames, use css instead"

Admittedly this is a rather hypocritical post as I have neither had need of or written a web site or page that had to be written properly.

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Put a robots meta whatever command in the main frameed page header for it to index the page. In the other pages for the inner frames, put an exclude command for search engines, so they do not index the inner pages. This way, they search the site, find the outer frame page, but not the inner page.

Search for meta no follow and meta search keywords, etc.

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Got the solution. Added the page into the header of the frame and the content and let robots.txt only search those two.

Works! Great!

Thanks for all the help.


There is also a javascript that can detect if its not a child page of a frame and then redirect you to the index page, but that only works if people visiting have javascript turned on. Ive been to pages that use it but never bothered to look into the code behind the script. Just an alternative to add to your page in the event anyone visits the inner frame first.

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If frames are so looked down upon than whats the best replacement for them? They ovbiously have a purpose to some people.

css with elements set to specific widht adn heights, then overflow to auto. Gives the impression of frames. Need to change the elements data, you can create different divs with info and then replace them with links. Either way takes some coding, frames being the older way and maybe simpler for some people. CSS has a lot of neat things you can do though when you add some javascript like the jquery script libraries.

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