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SSH Tunneling


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A while ago, I looked into tethering my blackberry to my netbook. When I got it working, I found that AT&T only blocks port 80 traffic (LAZY!) for non-tethering-plan customers. And sure enough, SSH worked just fine, so I went about setting up an SSH tunnel on my home server. Things quickly went downhill from there.

I first tried the freeSSHd server, which sets up easy enough. But when I tried to connect to it via Ubuntu's built-in terminal SSH client, I got an "incorrect password" error, no matter if the password was right, wrong, or if there wasn't even a password at all. Same with every other Server & Client.

So, any help?

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have you tried to adjust the authentication mode to SHA1?

Did you add a user?

Allow tunneling local and remote?

I know this is over 3g and to the best of my knowledge cannot be eavesdropped on, but SHA1 authentication is incredibly easy to crack.

Just a heads up if you plan on connecting to this machine over a wireless network!

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