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Cell Phone Spy


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I have seen this all over the news.

I work for VZW, and would like to know much more.

I understand someone can install software on a cell phone in like 10min,

that will allow them from anywhere to read all your sms messages,

listen to your phone conversations, and turn on the phones Mic to hear what is happening around you.

I wonder if anyone has any details on this.

Is it targeting only a couple phone models or can they do it to any phone??

here is one news report were they did it.

They have a video at the FEATURED VIDEO link just above the photo of the three cell phones.


Thanks for any help and assistance.

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Thanks! Ya had to figure it was limited..

someone would almost have to hack the firmware and install it.

do you have any other info? like where to get the software or if that's what they did?

or if it's an app that is installed on the phone separate from the firmware.

also like to know how it works a bit more...

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