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Firefox 3.5 beta


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Well I just downloaded FF3.5b and it seems pretty fast. While I was at it I decided to check to see if there were any ready to go extensions for it, and believe it or not there was! (thinking how different this is from 3.0beta)

This version DOES seem pretty quick. Fox Tab, Download Them All, WOT, and a few other popular extensions are ready to install upon loading of it. BTW, FoxTab is a pretty neat idea though a novelty really. It's basically like compiz desktop switching themes but for tabs in firefox (minus the cube option).

You get a 'Private Browsing' option via the tools menu to initiate a-la chrome style porn surfing I guess. Also there is supposedly a revamped privacy section in the options as well. Other than that, it seems pretty much what you would expect firefox to be. Most menus are very close to picture perfect copies of Firefox 3.2. There are supposed to be some newfangled coding you can put in HTML 5 to change the look and effects of the menus though Not sure if I feel too good about that, but time will tell. Maybe it would be handy as sort of an on-the-fly skinning themer for websites. i.e. you go to the cheetoes website and the whole menubar turns orange with a pic of the mascot, and when you go to say... 1up.com, you get a coordinating skin that goes with their site.

What's your opinions?

(btw, have not found any sites that mess it up or that renders incorrectly yet)

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I'm running it on a couple of FreeBSD machines. Sadly I tried it for the HTML 5 video functionality, but all it seemed to do was crash the browser (I suppose the freeBSD developers haven't added that to the port yet). It did seem sickly fast, though. I'm running it on my FreeBSD 7.2 craptop as well.

Chrome is still realllly fast with javascript. If you happen to be on an x86 based linux machine, I highly suggest you check out the alpha build on something that has a lot of javascript (like digg.com). It is insane.

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