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more vista issues


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im on my girlfriends laptop. shes got vista too. shes having internet issues. she cant get her internet to play sounds. as in her web browser, regardless which one she uses, doesnt show up in the audio mixer. no videos or anything will play sound.

does anyone know how to fix it? ive searched for answers. only one ive found is somethign with missing.reg thing but it had no effect which i thoguht it wouldnt lol.


like i said the internet wont play sounds. but all other programs work fine.

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Do you mean flash won't play sound? Or Java won't play sound? Or javascript won't play sound? Or steaming audio with quicktime or vlc plugin won't play sound?

all of the above. nothing that is supposed to come from an internet browser will play. you know the sound mixer in your tray? where it displays all the programs that use the speakers? none of the web browsers will show up in that list either

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Flash used to do that to me on Windows XP once in a while. I uninstalled it and then downgraded to a lower version when that happened and skipped the one that wasn't working until the next one after that came out. As for Media player not playing sound, there is an option in IE on the advacned tab that says "Play sounds in web page" and if not checked, you get no sound in web pages. Should only effect IE though. You can also turn off videos in web pages as well as animations(flash and gif) and even pictures. Check to see if the box is unchecked. If it is, check it and retart the browser. I woudl try reinstalling any plugins though or downgrading to a lower version if the problem presists and see if that clears it up.

FF has its own settings, but not sure how it would effect all browsers you are using. Have you tried Opera? I'm vurious if it happens in Opera as well.

What happens with locally opened files, like mp3's and avi files. Do they play with no sound from the HDD?

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